How to Write AEM Reusable Touch UI, Granite UI Configuration

Why are we repeating ourselves, writing the same Touch UI (Granite UI Component) configuration again and again as developers? It’s been like the 10th time that we have created a Granite UI Component configuration, an identical block of code. The RTE Granite UI Component should only contain basic format options. Is there a way for developers to write this configuration once, so it can be reused? The answer is yes.

Introducing the DRY way of using RichText Granite UI Component in AEM for Static Templates, which is an article for how developers can write better and reusable code for Touch UI (Granite UI) configuration.

The blog article specifically focuses on the Rich Text Granite UI Component, configuration once, and then reuse it over and over again. The same methodology can be applied to all other Granite UI Component configurations; checkbox, select, color picker, text, etc… This is great because if there is a requirement, for example, to add in a new styles option, you can make the change once, and all other Granite UI Component configurations will pick this change up.

Visit the DRY way of using RichText Granite UI Component in AEM for Static Templates

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