Category: JavaScript

Race Conditions with window.Granite?.I18n

We have created a JavaScript micro-frontend in VueJS to handle a new feature for our website. The JavaScript micro-frontend is set up nicely inside of a maven module. Along with it’s own Node Package Manager configuration, we used the aem-clientlib-generator to generate a client library under /apps/sourcedcode/clientlibs/micro-frontend. Within our VueJS application, we have a utility […]

What are AEM ExtraClientlibs?

When dealing with cq:ClientLibraryFolder (node type), you may have come across a property called extraClientlibs. What are extraClientlibs and how does it work? As you may recall, when you want to add custom functionality or styling to the Touch Dialogues (in edit author mode, editor.html), we must include as a dependency and as […]

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