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A blog that provides AEM tutorial and AEM solutions. This technical blog will cover new topics like experience fragments, personalisation, editable templates, Apache Sling, OSGI, and much more.

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How to write Javascript Unit Tests for AEM Client Libraries with Jest

This article demonstrates how to set up and run Javascript Jest unit test for client libraries. As a part of ...
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Caching Experience Fragment Techniques in AEM Sites 6.5

This article explains different techniques to handle cache invalidation with AEM experience fragments. This topic will cover some of the ...
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AEM Global Objects for Backend and Front-end Sightly (HTL) Development

While working on an AEM project, we can speed up the process of development by utilizing the global objects offered ...
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AEM Sling Model Injectors Annotations Reference Guide

The Apache Sling Model enables injector specific annotations which aggregate the standard annotations for each of the available injector, which are: Script Bindings, Value Map, Resource Path, Child Resources, Request Attributes, OSGI Services, Self, and the Sling Object. Sure we ...
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AEM Sling Models Injectors Service Ranking

When working on an AEM project, Sling Models provides several custom Sling Models injectors to aid injection of Sling objects, Sling object values, OSGI services, etc... While using the injectors within in Sling Models, how do injectors invoke in order? ...
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JUnit 4: AEM Sling Servlet Unit Test Example Using wcm.io AEM Mocks, Servlet by Resource Type

This article will demonstrate how to write AEM Unit tests for @SlingServletResourceTypes (OSGi DS 1.4 (R7) component property type annotations) using the Junit4 testing framework. With developers being more visual, the source code is posted below. Technologies here used are: ...
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/ AEM, Development, Junit4, Sling Models

Registering @SlingServletPaths Component Property Type

You are probably looking for the @SlingServletPaths, OSGi DS 1.4 (R7) component property type annotations for Sling Servlets, code/unit test examples and was not successful. Apache recommends not use the @SlingServletPaths annotation, Sling Servlet register by a path. Rather to ...
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Sugar Coat Registered AEM Servlet Scripts and Paths Endpoint

In AEM we tend to write Sling Servlet OSGI Services to expose JSON data using the various service reference properties such as "sling.servlet.paths", "sling.servlet.resourceTypes", "sling.servlet.selectors", and "sling.servlet.extensions". Example 1: DirectoriesServlet.Java doGet Servlet Implementation (html extension): This is an example how ...
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Improve Performance of AEM Components During Development Phase

Web performance is how quick web pages are successfully downloaded and viewable on the visitor's browser. When we say "Web Performance Optimization", this means that we are optimising or increasing web performance. Quicker download speeds of websites, in general, have ...
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