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Importing rep:policy nodes in the ui.content maven content package

While working on a new AEM project (typically using, we might sometimes want to deploy new content with rep:policy nodes in particular, to give permission controls to allow jcr:read everyone to view the root content pages like /content/sourcedcode. There comes when a problem while building the ui.content maven module. Sometimes the rep:policy node is […]

Strategy to Consider when Migrating a Large Amount of Assets into an AEM author Instance

One of my biggest strategies to consider when migrating a large number of assets to production live AEM author instance is to enable/disable the workflow launchers. Every time when a new asset is installed (via the package manager) or uploaded into AEM, the OOTB (out of the box) AEM workflow launchers will be triggered. During […]

How to enable/disable AEM Workflow Launchers

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets ships with a number of default workflows and media handlers to operate on assets. Examples of these operations are generating thumbnail renditions, parsing Microsoft word documents, asset metadata extraction, etc… During appropriate understanding, we may need to disable workflow launchers services; always remember to re-enable after disabling these services. Quick […]

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