Why Indexing in AEM is so important for Search

As we are developers implement search, I would like to share the importance of indexing in AEM. I would like to express that this is a simple post, but enough information to get you to understand the importance of indexing. Continue and read the article below to see the significance & Importance of Indexing in AEM.

  1. Improved Search Performance: Indexing enables rapid content searches, even in large repositories, improving search speed and efficiency.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Quick and relevant search results lead to a seamless and satisfying user experience.
  3. Efficient Content Retrieval: Indexing enables swift access to specific content items, streamlining content management.
  4. Scalability and Performance: Indexing supports AEM’s scalability while maintaining high performance levels.
  5. Complex Querying Support: Indexing efficiently handles complex search queries with multiple filters and conditions.

Best Practices for Indexing

  • Regular Updates: Schedule frequent index updates to reflect the latest content changes.
  • Monitor Index Health: Keep track of index size and performance metrics to identify issues.
  • Use Index Filters: Optimize the index’s size and relevancy by defining specific filters.
  • Configure Indexing Properties: Properly configure indexing settings based on content nature and usage patterns.


Indexing is a critical component of AEM, ensuring efficient content retrieval and enhanced user experiences. By following indexing best practices, organizations can fully unlock the potential of AEM for seamless content management and delivery.

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