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This comprehensive guide offers AEM developers like you a roadmap to implement powerful search functionality using AEM Search APIs.

Unravel the potential of three core AEM Search APIs: XPath Search API, JCR SQL2 Search API, and Query Builder Search API. Each API brings unique features to the table, and we’ll guide you through their capabilities to help you make the right choice for your projects.

To ensure a seamless learning experience, we present practical Java examples for each API. These real-world scenarios will solidify your understanding and enable you to apply the concepts with confidence.

Ready to supercharge your AEM development skills? Dive into the world of AEM Search APIs and embark on a journey to enhance your content search capabilities. Join us in “Search in AEM – A Simple Guide to AEM Search APIs: Exploring Your Options for Powerful Search Functionality.”

Read the full article here: Search in AEM – A Simple Guide to AEM Search APIs: Exploring Your Options for Powerful Search Functionality.

Unlock the true potential of AEM’s search capabilities and elevate your projects to new heights!

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