How to change a user’s password on AEM

During development, sometimes our environments are not set up with single Sign-On, so creating users manually will be a manual task in our AEM environment. When creating users manually, AEM engineers need to insert a secure password, and sometimes the password will be lost.

Updating user passwords for non-single sign-on users is very simple. In this article, we will go through the process of how to change a user’s password.

Step 1

Log into your AEM environment as an Admin user.

Step 2

Visit the classic useradmin panel at http://localhost:4502/useradmin
AEM User Admin Panel

Step 3

Search for the target user and double-click on the user. The UI should update on the right-hand side with the user’s details.
AEM User Admin Panel with Details

Step 4

Click on the “set password”; this should activate the popup.

Within the popup, please fill in the correct details:
Your Password: Insert the admin password
Password: Insert the user’s new password
Confirm Password: Insert the user’s new password to confirm.
Set Password

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