Generate Custom Oak Indexes with the Oak Index Definition Generator

Indexing in Adobe Experience Manager is very important. It’s not just about making things faster; it totally changes how we handle and find data online. With the Oak Index Definition Generator, developers get a really handy tool to shape how searches work behind the scenes. This tool isn’t just about making indexes, it’s about making them just right for each project’s specific needs. By using this tool, developers can create indexes that fit perfectly with what they’re trying to do, making searches faster and more efficient. This smart way of indexing helps AEM websites be faster and more flexible, keeping them ahead of the game in the digital world.

Why Indexing is Important

Indexing AEM is critical for optimizing performance and managing content efficiently. The Oak Index, a key feature of AEM, improves search query speed by organizing data for quicker retrieval. This not only boosts system performance but also supports customization for specific project requirements. Efficient indexing enables scalable and responsive AEM sites, ensuring they can handle growing content without compromising on speed. Understanding and utilizing the Oak Index effectively is essential for maintaining high-performance AEM projects that meet modern digital experience demands.

Using the Oak Index Definition Generator

Oak Index Definition Generator

Creating custom Oak indexes with the Oak Index Definition Generator is a straightforward process:

  1. Open the Oak Index Definition Generator at
  2. Input your query in the Queries field.
  3. Click “Generate” to create your custom Oak index.
  4. Copy the XML into your AEM project for further adjustments.


It’s essential for developers to familiarize themselves with the AEM index definition structure to maximize the effectiveness of their custom indexes. Adobe provides resources such as a cheat sheet on AEM index definition structure, offering guidance on how to properly configure indexes for optimal performance.

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