50 Visual Studio | VS Code Hot Key / Shortcuts for Mac 2023

Welcome to our guide on 50 Visual Studio Code shortcuts for Mac users. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, mastering these keyboard shortcuts will significantly enhance your coding productivity. Let’s dive in and discover the most efficient key combinations for a seamless coding experience!

For Window users, visit this article, 50 Visual Studio Code Hot Key / Shortcuts for Mac 2023.

Shortcuts List:

  • (Command + P): Quickly open files by typing their names in the Quick Open dialog.
  • (Command + N): Create a new file in the current workspace.
  • (Command + Shift + P): Open the Command Palette to access various commands and settings.
  • (Command + B): Toggle the visibility of the Side Bar.
  • (Command + Shift + E): Focus and show the File Explorer in the Side Bar.
  • (Command + Shift + F): Search across files in the entire workspace.
  • (Command + J): Toggle the Panel (Output, Terminal, or Debug Console).
  • (Command + /): Toggle line comments for the selected code.
  • (Option + Shift + Up/Down Arrow): Move lines of code up or down.
  • (Option + Click): Add multiple cursors at different positions to edit multiple lines at once.
  • (Command + Shift + L): Select all occurrences of the current selection.
  • (Command + D): Add the next occurrence of the current word to the selection.
  • (Command + G): Jump to a specific line number in the active file.
  • (Option + Left/Right Arrow): Move the cursor to the beginning/end of the current word.
  • (Option + Up/Down Arrow): Move the cursor up or down by paragraph.
  • (Command + Shift + K): Delete the current line.
  • (Command + Shift + T): Reopen the last closed tab.
  • (Command + Tab / Command + Shift + Tab): Cycle through open tabs.
  • (Command + F2): Set multiple cursors to the same word in the file.
  • (Command + Shift + [ / Command + Shift + ]): Indent or unindent lines of code.
  • (Option + Shift + O): Sort lines in ascending order.
  • (Option + Command + Down Arrow): Copy lines down.
  • (Option + Shift + Down Arrow): Move lines down.
  • (Option + Shift + Up Arrow): Move lines up.
  • (Option + Shift + F): Format the selected code.
  • (Option + Command + U): Transform to uppercase.
  • (Option + Command + L): Transform to lowercase.
  • (Command + Enter): Insert a new line below the current line.
  • (Command + Shift + Enter): Insert a new line above the current line.
  • (Command + Shift + \): Jump to matching bracket.
  • (Command + Shift + G): Open the Source Control view.
  • (Command + Shift + E): Show Explorer/Files view.
  • (Command + Shift + X): Open the Extensions view.
  • (Option + Shift + F): Format document in the editor.
  • (Command + F): Find and replace text.
  • (Command + Shift + H): Replace in files (Find and replace across multiple files).
  • (Command + Shift + M): Show Problems panel.
  • (Command + Shift + U): Show output panel.
  • (Command + K + W): Close all editor tabs.
  • (Command + Shift + [ / Command + Shift + ]): Fold or unfold region.
  • (Option + F12): Show all references of a symbol in the workspace.
  • (Command + Shift + F10): Run a specific test.
  • (Command + Shift + D): Open the Debugger panel.
  • (Command + Shift + O): Go to Symbol in File.
  • (Command + Shift + U): Go to a symbol’s implementation.
  • (Command + K + R): Show keyboard shortcuts reference.
  • (Command + Shift + F): Show keyboard shortcuts reference.


Boost your coding productivity with these 50 essential Visual Studio Code shortcuts, tailored for Mac users. Incorporate these time-saving key combinations into your coding workflow, and watch as you breeze through tasks with remarkable speed and efficiency. Happy coding!

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