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AEM Sling Model Injectors Annotations Reference Guide

The Apache Sling Model enables injector specific annotations which aggregate the standard annotations for each of the available injector, which ...
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How to write Javascript Unit Tests for AEM Client Libraries with Jest

This article demonstrates how to set up and run Javascript Jest unit test for client libraries. As a part of ...
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/ AEM, Development

Caching Experience Fragment Techniques in AEM Sites 6.5

This article explains different techniques to handle cache invalidation with AEM experience fragments. This topic will cover some of the ...
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/ AEM, Caching

AEM Global Objects for Backend and Front-end Sightly (HTL) Development

While working on an AEM project, we can speed up the process of development by utilizing the global objects offered ...
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/ AEM, Quick Reference

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Structural Static Assets in AEM as Client Library Resources

As developers, when we are building components or view logic, in typical scenarios require assets like background image patterns, icons, ...
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/ AEM, Assets, Client Libraries

JUnit 4: AEM Sling Models Unit Test Constructor Injection Example

In this example, we will take a look at how we can mock Sling Model Constructor Injection dependencies for a ...
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/ AEM, Junit4, Sling Models

5 Popular Ways to Replicate a Page in AEM

In AEM 6+ there are many ways to accomplish the goal to "replicate" a page. This article will display 5 ...
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/ AEM, Content, Deployment

How many times is an AEM Component used in the JCR?

Can we detect and remove unused components from our codebase? Is this AEM component being used at all? How many ...
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/ AEM, Deployment, Quick Reference

How to Enable Configuration for OSGI Components with R6

Adding configuration to OSGi Component(s) is as simple as annotating your class with @Designate(ocd="") annotation with the "ocd" property, and ...
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/ AEM, Development, OSGI

OSGI R6 Configuration @AttributeDefinition Essentials Reference Guide

When defining any OSGI component's configuration its standard practice to use Declarative Services; these configurations can be edited in the ...
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/ AEM, Development, OSGI, Quick Reference

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Articles List View This is a list view of all the popular articles on sourcedcode.com to help you navigate to ...
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/ AEM, Quick Reference

Creating a Basic AEM Touch UI Dialogue

In this article, we will step through the steps of creating a new Touch UI dialogue configuration within your AEM ...
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/ AEM, Development, Touch UI

How to Convert Adobe’s Granite UI 1.0 Documentation to XML

As an AEM developer, we must prepare Touch UI dialogues within code, in the XML format. When it comes to ...
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/ AEM, Development, Touch UI

AEM Granite UI 1.0 Form Component’s XML Reference Guide

This AEM Granite UI 1.0 Form Component's XML Reference Guide provides code snippets to help developers speed up their AEM ...
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AEM Sling Model Constructor Injection

Sling Models field injection, @inject, are used to support injection of AEM Library-specific context objects. However, there is an alternative ...
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/ AEM, Development, Sling Models

AEM Sling Model Field Injection vs Constructor Injection Memory Consumption

Article was last updated on June 7th, 2020. Sling Models field injectors are used to support injection of AEM Library-specific ...
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