Your AEM Ghost Developer and Mentor!

Your AEM Ghost Developer and Mentor!

I’m Brian Li, an experienced AEM specialist based in Vancouver, Canada. With over 13 years in full-stack development, including 9 years dedicated to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Currently serving as the AEM Technical Lead at MNP Digital, I’ve led numerous successful projects, delivering high-quality solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. My previous roles include pivotal positions at Finning and Whitbread, where I played integral roles in developing AEM frameworks and spearheading digital initiatives for global enterprises.

Beyond my corporate engagements, I’m deeply involved in the AEM community, contributing to the forum, developing tools like the AEM Developer GPT and the AEM Chrome Extension, and sharing insights through my blog. Holding esteemed certifications including the Adobe Experience Manager Sites Lead Developer and Adobe Experience Manager Sites Expert Developer, I’m committed to continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Now, I’m excited to offer my AEM Ghost Developer and Mentorship service. In this capacity, I provide expert guidance and support to individuals and teams seeking to overcome challenges and enhance their AEM projects. Whether you’re grappling with technical hurdles or seeking strategic direction, my ghost mode coaching offers personalized, hands-on assistance tailored to your specific needs. I make sure all conversations we have is 100% confidential. 

Ready to elevate your AEM expertise? Let’s collaborate in ghost mode and unlock the full potential of your projects.

Here’s why you should consider this unique opportunity:

  • Exclusive and Limited Offer: Given the demands of my schedule and the intensive nature of this mentorship, I can only extend this offer to a select few. This exclusivity guarantees that each participant receives my full attention and personalized guidance.

  • 100% Confidential Consultations: Your trust is everything to me. Feel free to open up about any work-related challenges or personal hurdles you’re encountering. Rest assured, our conversations are completely private, creating a secure environment where you can freely seek solutions and strategies. If there’s something you’re hesitant to discuss with your seniors at work, don’t worry. Come to me; together, we’ll work through it and find a way forward.

  • Pair Programming Sessions: Imagine tackling your project hurdles side by side with an experienced developer. Our pair programming sessions will not only expedite your project’s completion but also enhance your coding skills through practical, hands-on experience.

  • Customized Mentorship and Accountability: Tell me where you feel stuck, and together, we’ll chart a path to your success. Whether it’s technical proficiency, project management, or career advancement, our partnership will focus on your specific needs. As your accountability partner, I’m here to ensure you achieve the milestones we set together.

  • Deep Dive into AEM’s Best Practices: Leveraging my extensive background in AEM, including my experience with creating a white label framework and contributing to the AEM Community Forum, I’ll share insights and strategies that are not widely known. This will include cutting-edge practices for both AEM 6.5+ and AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS), ensuring you’re equipped with the latest knowledge.

  • Career Advancement Through Real-World Projects: Working on real-world projects not only solidifies your understanding but also enriches your portfolio. I’ll guide you through complex projects, mirroring the challenges and triumphs of industry-level assignments.

  • Exclusive Access to My Network and Resources: As part of this mentorship, you’ll gain access to my professional network, including AEM experts, and a treasure trove of resources that I’ve accumulated over the years. This includes exclusive tools, libraries, and code samples that can accelerate your development work.

In essence, this service is not just about enhancing your technical skills; it’s a holistic approach to professional development in the realm of Adobe Experience Manager. You’re not just learning to code; you’re learning to navigate and excel in the dynamic field of digital experience creation. If you’re ready to take your AEM skills to the next level and tackle your challenges with a seasoned expert, I invite you to apply for this limited opportunity. Let’s deep dive on this journey together and unlock your full potential in the AEM landscape.

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