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Improve Performance of AEM Components During Development Phase

Web performance is how quick web pages are successfully downloaded and viewable on the visitor’s browser. When we say “Web Performance Optimization”, this means that we are optimising or increasing web performance. Quicker download speeds of websites, in general, have shown in user contentment, retention, and loyalty. Especially with AEM enterprise websites, our motive to […]

Scenario: Building AEM Components with 3rd Party Integrations in a High Performance and Scalable Way

we are assigned to build a hospital search component in a very high traffic website. This hospital search component allows users to search for available hospital private rooms across the United States; there are approximately 200,000 hospital private rooms across the US.  The hospital search component, presented in the view, simply has an input field […]

AEM Project, WCMUsePojo “aQute.bnd.annotation.ConsumerType not found” (fix)

On rare occasions, when developing a Java class that extends WCMUsePojo class, you will get the error of “class file for aQute.bnd.annotation.ConsumerType not found“. This problem can be easily solved by adding the dependency to your parent-pom.xml and core-pom.xml as shown below: 123456789101112131415//parent-pom.xml <!– –> <dependency>     <groupId>biz.aQute.bnd</groupId>     <artifactId>bndlib</artifactId>     […]

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