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AEM Sling Model Injectors Annotations Reference Guide

The Apache Sling Model enables injector specific annotations which aggregate the standard annotations for each of the available injector, which are: Script Bindings, Value Map, Resource Path, Child Resources, Request Attributes, OSGI Services, Self, and the Sling Object. Sure we can invoke injectors by the @inject, followed by the @source annotation (with an injector name) […]

AEM Global Objects for Backend and Front-end Sightly (HTL) Development

While working on an AEM project, we can speed up the process of development by utilizing the global objects offered by AEM Framework. Quick Links Backend Example Front-end Examples Sightly/HTL & AEM Backend Objects Mapping AEM Backend, an example of using global objects The global objects are accessible by OSGI’s dependency injection annotation; @inject. GET, […]

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