Category: Performance

AEM Sling Model Field Injection vs Constructor Injection Memory Consumption

Article was last updated on June 7th, 2020. Sling Models field injectors are used to support injection of AEM Library-specific context objects. For example, @ScriptVariable SightlyWCMMode will inject the WCMMode object, @ScriptVariable Resource will inject the current resource object, and @ScriptVariable Style will inject the Style object. These objects are typically stored within the object, […]

Improve Performance of AEM Components During Development Phase

Web performance is how quick web pages are successfully downloaded and viewable on the visitor’s browser. When we say “Web Performance Optimization”, this means that we are optimising or increasing web performance. Quicker download speeds of websites, in general, have shown in user contentment, retention, and loyalty. Especially with AEM enterprise websites, our motive is […]

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