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AEM inheritedpageproperties with Sightly, JSP, OSGI Bundle

inheritedpageproperties helps you retrieve a parent property from parent pages. Inherited page properties utilises, where the search is made on the page hierarchy, upwards; searching children of the page nodes (components) are not included. Inherited page properties can be retrieved in multiple ways, where this article will only focus on 3 ways. In this […]

How to Enable Configuration for OSGI Components with R6

Adding configuration to OSGi Component(s) is as simple as annotating your class with @Designate(ocd=””) annotation with the “ocd” property, and to make the @Activate method accepts an config param; as indicated below: 1234567891011121314// /com/sourcedcode/services/impl/ import org.osgi.service.component.annotations.Activate; import org.osgi.service.component.annotations.Component; import org.osgi.service.metatype.annotations.Designate; @Component(service = MyService.class, immediate = true) @Designate(ocd = SourcedCodeSiteSettingsConfig.class) public class MyserviceImpl extends MyService { […]

OSGI R6 Configuration @AttributeDefinition Essentials Reference Guide

When defining any OSGI component’s configuration its standard practice to use Declarative Services; these configurations can be edited in the OSGI Apache Felix Console. This can be done by creating a class interface with the annotated @ObjectClassDefinition, which includes a determined list of rules as @AttributeDefinition items. The @AttributeDefinition defines the supporting configuration for a […]

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