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How to Pass Parameters to Sling Modal from Sightly HTL Component

You can pass data parameters from Sightly HTL component to the Sling Model backend by request attributes. For implementation, utilising the, we will add required options parameter, adaptable, with the value of SlingHttpServletRequest.class. Next, we can utilize the annotation, (@RequestAttribute), which will find the matching name of the attribute that is being passed […]

AEM inheritedpageproperties with Sightly, JSP, OSGI Bundle

inheritedpageproperties helps you retrieve a parent property from parent pages. Inherited page properties utilises, where the search is made on the page hierarchy, upwards; searching children of the page nodes (components) are not included. Inherited page properties can be retrieved in multiple ways, where this article will only focus on 3 ways. In this […]

OSGI R6 Configuration @AttributeDefinition Essentials Reference Guide

When defining any OSGI component’s configuration its standard practice to use Declarative Services; these configurations can be edited in the OSGI Apache Felix Console. This can be done by creating a class interface with the annotated @ObjectClassDefinition, which includes a determined list of rules as @AttributeDefinition items. The @AttributeDefinition defines the supporting configuration for a […]

Articles List View

Articles List View This is a list view of all the popular articles on to help you navigate to your needs quicker. I hope this will page will help you find what you need, faster and more efficient! OSGI OSGI R6 Configuration @AttributeDefinition Essentials Reference Guide How to Enable Configuration for OSGI Components with […]

AEM Sling Model Injectors Annotations Reference Guide

The Apache Sling Model enables injector specific annotations which aggregate the standard annotations for each of the available injector, which are: Script Bindings, Value Map, Resource Path, Child Resources, Request Attributes, OSGI Services, Self, and the Sling Object. Sure we can invoke injectors by the @inject, followed by the @source annotation (with an injector name) […]

AEM Global Objects for Backend and Front-end Sightly (HTL) Development

While working on an AEM project, we can speed up the process of development by utilizing the global objects offered by AEM Framework. Quick Links Backend Example Front-end Examples Sightly/HTL & AEM Backend Objects Mapping 1. AEM Backend, an example of using global objects The global objects are accessible by OSGI’s dependency injection annotation; @inject. […]

What is the AEM Apache Sling Referrer Filter OSGI configuration?

AEM “referrer not allowed” Out of the box, AEM denies all server names or hosts to make HTTP request to the respective running AEM publish/author instance. During a HTTP request made to the AEM publish/author, AEM checks the Referrer header configuration. If the referrer configured to allow the host(s), then AEM will full-fill the request, […]

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